Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hong Kong VII: Ladies' Market

Outside the Mong Kok MRT Station.

We arrived back in Hong Kong and hopped on the subway to Kowloon, where we had plans to visit the famous Ladies' Market, a place Gabe's girlfriend had hoped to take us earlier but for which we wound up having insufficient time.

It was super-crowded!

As you will read if you click the link above, the Ladies' Market is home to a staggering array of items at absurdly cheap prices (as long as you know how to bargain for them). As the name suggests, this market also caters to women, with stall after stall of clothing, purses, cosmetics, collectibles, and more. I'll admit that I was a little surprised that our group (in which guys outnumbered girls almost 4:1) wanted to visit -- but I wasn't complaining!

Me near one of the main cross-streets.

As it happened, the market had plenty of interest to those of the male persuasion as well, so everyone wound up having a good time. See if you can spot my purchases (a bracelet for my sister and a fake LV bag) in subsequent photos of this trip!